We have a growing collection of natural world and travel images which are available as fine art prints or for any other editorial or advertising purposes. Each of the galleries located on this website contains a selection of images which are indicative of the over all collection. A selection of the latest additions to the collection can be seen on this page. Digital versions of all the images in the collection are available. Those originally shot on film are scanned using a high resolution scanner. Recent images are shot digitally (using a Nikon D4 or Nikon D3) and are shot as RAW files to ensure all images are of the highest quality. Transparencies, and in some instances negatives, are available for all images shot on film. Signed fine art prints can be purchased directly from this website. All images are printed on professional quality paper with long lasting high quality inks. We will only accept payment by credit card through Paypal, and are able to supply prints to addresses in both the UK and overseas. All prints are shipped within 28 days by Royal Mail guaranteed delivery (or equivalent), the cost of which is included in the price of each print. By making a purchase through this website, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase (details of which can be found when purchasing an image).

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We are happy to create bespoke greetings card collections or calendars from any of the images you see in the gallery. If you are interested in these other products or in images printed on other mediums then please contact us for prices and details. Please email us if you wish to purchase any image for commercial or editorial use. Please refer to the following documents which provide details of the subjects included in each broad category of Stephen's collection. In addition, Stephen has a collection of images represented by NHPA and World Illustrated agencies. If you would like signed fine art prints of any of these images then please contact us and let us know the size print you would like (based on the sizes available in the galleries in this site).

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